Im wondering that is yngwie asshole? he talks lot of shit about other guitarists and is always like full of himself...and considered as the greatest shredder ever, he does awfully lot of mistakes (so do i ,but live mistakes doesnt make dont make him asshole :P ) I've just heard that he is drug addict ,alcohic and violent man. am i right or totally wrong? plz help and respect each other discussing. (if anyone even reads this.....)
Hes very up front about with his opinions. Yes hes gotten VERY sloppy in recent years. He used to be a drug addict and alcoholic but hes been clean for quite some time now.

It really depends on who you talk to, but it sounds like most of the people he has worked with in the past would call him an asshole
Yngwie did an interview last year where he admitted to having been a nasty drunk for a long time. But he also claimed that half the awful stories about him are just him getting blamed for stuff his drinking buddies did.

He does talk a lot of shit, but most of it’s not mean spirited. People play Yngwie ten tunes and he points out where the playing is sloppy or out of tune and then it turns out he was listening to Guitar Player’s top ten guitarists’ newest albums. But that’s more just him having the balls to call it like it is, which most people won’t do at all.
Not sure about all of the stories, but I met Yngwie after a show in the early 1990's. He was very gracious, stayed around for 20 minutes after the show and talked to everyone, signed autographs and was a nice guy. He handed out free copies of his new CD to the group.