I wrote most of this yesterday. I had the bit at 0:47 written beforehand, and I just wanted to complete something so I worked on it.

It was interesting, actually; The bit at 0:47, I wrote without listening to what I was actually writing. I usually write in Guitar Pro, playing back everything I create to make sure I'm "on the right track," but this time I entered all the notes into GP with the volume muted. It turned out to be an interesting exercise... I think it let me break out of old habits, forced me to use phrasing I wouldn't have otherwise used. Anyways, I listened to it after I was done the section, was pleasantly surprised, touched it up, and then wrote this song a couple months later

Hope you guys enjoy

The intro chords of close harmonies suggest open emotions with a hint of tension, a feeling that is continued throughout this piece, with its consonance gently but continually disturbed by subtle dissonances, that give a depth and meaning to this strangely moody music.
Enigmatically evocative, faintly familiar, softly edgy, this accomplished composition strays through bright breezy landscapes while periodically slipping into the shadows and darker shades, but always satisfyingly returning to the happy fields of optimism and humanism.
A thoughtful penetrating piece full of hope after suffering, redemption and release after trials. An original orchestration full of poignant positivity and pensive passion. An always congruous choice of sounds, with a very slight ethnic feel, and an always musical, clever development of themes and variations that improves with repeated listening. Well engineered to be pleasing to the ear, with a fine balance of tones, but with enough architectural detail to give shape and form to the counterpoints.
Sweet, piquant music.

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