Last summer or the year before that I was finding alternatives to the tone knob everyone usually avoids in the rock / metal world. Usually guys re-wire to two volume or whatever but I came to a few alternatives. Today we're going to focus on what I believe to be the most useful alternative to it. I like a lot of treble and gain and like using very hot passive pickups.

believe it or not this is a fender mod. But it's surprisingly useful for metal players. It boosts bass, clears up muddy pickups, tightens the lows. There's many ways to describe this. This only works for passive equipped guitars. I liked this for very hot humbuckers best. Fender does this on certain american special and highway one guitars as well as a bass or two.

the other time people may have used this is a Fender TBX knob . The TBX cuts/boosts bass and treble depending on where the knob is. With this new knob you make a strat potentially have master two band EQ instead of an either or thing.

so firstly the schematics
for strats
for teles to ibanez rg and anything else

what do you need
0.1uf capacitor (or two 0.047 in parallel) - x1
4.7k resistor - 1/4 watt - 5% tolerance - x1
a 0,022 capacitor x1
heat shrink tubing (the smaller the better)
you MAY be able to use your old tone capacitor that is 0.022uf but just in case it burst or the leads aren't long enough.

so take the tone knob completely apart
solder the 0.022uf capacitor to the 4.7k resistor and use some tubing between them to prevent shorts.
other than that it's self explanitory.

a great example of what you can do with this.
The greasebucket circuit is a very common and well-known mod... It doesn't boost bass, or even sound like it boosts bass. All it does is load the pickups approximately normally when the pot is full-CW, so they sound "normal", and as you roll it down the 100n gradually lowers the apparent value of the 22n cap, which in conjunction with the 4k7 resistor mitigates the overly-boomy tone of a normal tone control at full-CCW. It does it's job quite well.
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