Hi guys, I'm sure someone has traveled this path before but I'm not finding a diagram for the switching I'd like on a custom tele with Hot Rails Bridge humbucker and single neck pickup.

what I would like is ;
1) Bridge Humbucker
2) Bridge Humbucker Split (Single Coil)
3) Bridge Humbucker + Neck
4) Bridge Humbucker Split (Single Coil) + Neck
5) Neck

I then plan to have a 500k Push pull Vol knob to do Series (UP) and Parra (Down) when in position 3 and another 500k Push pull TONE knob to do Out of Phase (UP) when in Position 3.

Can anyone assist with a wiring diagram please ?

Many thanx ..
on just a 3 way selector that is going to be really difficult. However here's some help. essentially you want jimmy page wiring on a tele or something along those lines. I get odd wiring requests all the time. So anyone feel free to send me a message.

series/parallel we use all 4 wires in each pickup per push pull. It's in such a way you can't make it be one master switch so your only option is a super 5 way switch because a regular 5 way switch has 7/8 contacts where as this has 25. Series and parallel is great because it cancels hum. To put it on a 3 way toggle to do the 3 things you want is going to be difficult. However I have an excellent diagram if you're ok with a super 5 way switch. They are expensive but easier to wire than we think.

this is a good start
remember though the grounds trail off. A tone is easily added.

phase reversal add the hot lead and ground to a push pull prior to it hitting the selector
coiltaps .. same thing , the north finish and south start put it in the middle (Common) on the push pull in the center. The bottom contact near the usual potentiometer stuff can go to ground BUT the top contact near you when soldering put that to the common on the super 5 way switch to the right for each coiltap.

this would be
volume - coiltap
tone - out of phase - bridge pickup

on the selector it's explained well on guitar electronics "Dot" coms schematic.
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ok I got something just got to bring it into photoshop. I drew it out on paper but more the less I'd still email it to tech support on seymour duncan as the guys are wiring geniuses with a little more experience than me.

another alternative if it has to be a 3 way toggle is triple shots but for telecasters i doubt such things exist. This video below is the best use for them. This guy is a big inspiration of mine for guitar wiring and mods.
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Thankyou Tallwood13, and you are correct it was a 5 way superswitch that I was referring to so that I get 5 positions on the switch and the other two functions from the push/pulls. Also correct that this idea was inspired by my Jimmy Page Les Paul switch options .. ;-)

For the the tele, I did consider a humbucker neck but I went with the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound so that I preserve some classic tele tone with a fat P90 type tone added. The bridge pickup is a seymour duncan rail so this is kind of a vintage blended with modern tones tele.
.. also, the push pulls for series and out of phase will be masters in this case, They will only work when the two pickups are together so that means only in positions 3 and 4. Hope that makes it easier ..
I just woke up a few hours ago and just opened photoshop so I'll have a diagram soon as I used to do graphic design.

I had a customer ask me to do the jimmy page wiring. So I ran to the seymour duncan page and apparently the diagram was wrong so instead to play things safe I just fused a few diagrams together that do work.

so in the end
master volume - coiltap when pull up
master tone - phase reversal

the super 5 way would be hum cancelling series / parallel settings here's what the diagram described it as.
ok finally finished. This is a facebook link I have no idea how to post images here.

I'd email seymour duncans tech support personally and see if this works for 100% assurance but to me this seems like it'll work perfect.

the tone is wired vintage to retain highs by the way like 50s guitars. Don't wire the capacitor like this if you have either done a treble bleed to your guitar or have linear potentiometers as it's not needed to go that extra mile.
I appreciate the work there Tallwood13, and it's a great diagram. It's a little different to the original requirement though .. ;-)

As in the first post. The neck is a single pickup (a Seymour Duncan Quarter pound) and the bridge is a humbucker (Seymour Duncan Hot Rails).

The preferred switching is ;

1) Bridge Humbucker
2) Bridge Humbucker Split (Single Coil)
3) Bridge Humbucker + Neck
4) Bridge Humbucker Split (Single Coil) + Neck
5) Neck

This sequence to me makes the most sense as it doesn't deviate from the standard too much .. ie the middle position is still what you would expect - Bridge and Neck in standard parra, etc.

The Vol p/p is so that when in position 3 with both pickups routed to output, they will connect in SERIES when pulled up.

The Tone p/p is so that when in position 3 with both pickups routed to output, they will connect in REVERSE phase when pulled up.

Hope this helps.