Ok guys so here's the idea, I'm trying to teach a friend some music theory, and he's asking me why modes are such a big deal, I answered that each has it's own specific mood but that got me thinking: what mood or feeling is invoked by each mode, and how can this be used to a songwriter's advantage to invoke said emotion using both lyrics and chordal structure? this is where you com in, and I'll try my best with what I already know

Ionian: Perfect, Serene, Relieved
Dorian: Mellow, Relaxed, Sleepy
Phrygian: Primal, Inspiriation, Conflict Invoking
Lydian: Optimistic, Innovative, Futuristic
Mixolydian: Bluesy, Homey, Reminiscent
Aeolian: Somber, Depressed, Hollow
Locrian: Frantic, Urgent, Worried

if anybody can explain these further I would be very grateful!!!
That's not really how it works though. Maybe you would be better off not teaching your friend modes.
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I can explain further.

Modes in themselves don't create moods.

And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Ionian: hard to articulate how I feel about this one, it feels 'architectural' or like a building block, if that makes sense
Dorian: Cunning, dark, eluding death as it were
Phrygian: Greek or vaguely Mesopotanian
Lydian: bold, flirtatious, almost like something you'd get from a Jane Austen novel
Mixolydian: about half as bold and flirtatious as Lydian
Aeolian: kind of atmospheric, or 'breezy' or 'windy' if that makes sense
Locrian: similar to Phrygian in that it also seems kind of Greek

there you go, hopefully it helps
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it's all coming back

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Pretty good, but you forgot to mention that "locrian" is an adjective derived from "locust".
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Try the sticky titled "modes: before you ask".

Have a look at the link to Darren's discussion on modes. He discusses some of the modal "moods".

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