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So I'm about a month in, been practicing atleast 45 mins a day. Learning mainly from Justin Guitar, no lessons yet. Trying to avoid spending money if I can help it.

so Hope you guys are willing to take the time to answer.

1) Focus playing chords or single strings? or, more specifically, should I bother with learning to remember finger placement for frets?

-- I downloaded the app Guitar bots on my phone, it starts out with playing single strings in different frets, which is fine but I can't keep up as I never bothered to remember the placement for fret 5 or 3, I've been learning what Justin teaches.

2) Focus on pressing all fingers down on a chord at once? or will that slowly come. I've been sort've pressing one finger at a time, or using my index to anchor for the other two.

3) You guys are saying "practice slow, slower the better, etc."
-- what about justin's one minute changes exercise? Do both?

4) Should I start trying to learn songs if I can't fully switch chords well? Also, reading tabs is strange.

5) also, I tried using a metronome on my phone but I can't hear it when I play. It's even on a blue tooth speaker but my guitar drowns it out, should I invest in an actual metronome? They can't be that expensive..

6) edited for last question. How much effort should I put into trying to play standing up? Should that come later?

Thanks for your time, seriously appreciate it. I know there's a search feature but I want to spend my time practicing, selfish a hole ik. But there will be a time when I'll be the one providing answers.
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I suppose that how you begin to learn depends to some extent on what sort of guitarist you want to be. For example, if your burning desire is to play lead guitar there may be some merit in learning scales and riffs on single strings.

But IMHO the great strength of the guitar is the fact that you can play chords and I would think the vast majority of guitarists started by learning to play chords. At the beginning most learners have to place fingers in position separately but as you progress your fingers will "remember" where they are going and will fret the strings at the same time (or very nearly so). How long this takes varies from person to person - for me it was about 2 months and it was a magical moment.

And learn to play chords by playing songs. It's by far the best way and is much more enjoyable - and, if you think about, you are doing two things at once. Start out by learning a few simple "3 chord" songs in the keys that are "easiest" to play on a guitar - say A, D and G to begin with - then, after a couple of weeks when your fingers are stronger, progress to songs with barre chords.

As regards playing standing up - whatever - personally I always play sitting down - that's how guitars are meant to be played.

And enjoy! And don't give up.
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I think you should definitely learn by playing chords first and individual notes later. Yeah you need to hit all the strings at once(instead of an anchor finger) to make chord changes quickly but that's hard when your starting out. You wanna try to get the hardest finger(or upper- first one you strum) finger down first down. Ideally you want them all to hit at the same time. You have to start out slow but the goal is to get the chord changes quick enough to keep your timing and strumming pattern; takes time and practice but the amount of time and practice depends on the individual and their God given talent. As for learning songs- you need to learn some basic open chords first and be able to switch between them but once you can do that; learning songs is the best and funnest way to go IMO. After all, that's goal! Standing up, hmmm I have issues with that too because I mostly play at my computer chair but if you use your strap and good posture, it should be close enough to standing up.
Reading the replies was like meeting somebody drunk, insta love. I was waiting for others to reply and add their opinions before I responded as I didn't want to kill the thread. I'm starting to get to the point where switching is "easy", still a bit of a struggle, and I'm glad that in the way it's a struggle is normal. Wasn't worried but glad to be reassured I'm on the right path.

I'm switching it up, which I feel most people with a common sense would do.

General practice session goes like this
hand stretching ~ 5 mins,
warm up with spider, another 5-10 mins until I feel pretty ready,

play random chords, mix it up, I know a,e,g,d,c,amin,emin,e7. Play around with strumming until I want to practice a song. Play a bit of Free Fallin'/Wish you were here -- the only two songs I tried to learn right now. usually lasts about 35 minutes

Then I usually do a bit of one minute switching, or switching between two/three chords until I want to change it up. Usually 35 mins or so.

1 & 2 are often interchanged, start with one min switches, then go songs, or songs then switches. Some general experimenting mixed in between. I also practice for about 10 minutes standing up, not all at once, but I'll move around the house a little and play. It's actually not very different from sitting.

I usually play around for about an hour minimum at a time. I definitely feel progress. I'm starting to try playing chords without looking and varied strum patterns, though that still needs time.

would still love to hear what other people think.

thanks for the reply rohash and garthman, really helped.
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That sounds like a good practice regimen to me. Patience and practice, practice, practice is the key. Unless you're some kind of super-gifted prodigy, you're not gonna learn this instrument in a few months. If you're noticing progress after a month, you're doing well. Its a long process. Sometimes it feels like you're not getting anywhere but you are. It's gradual, at least for me, but hey it's always fun!. Stick with the Justin guitar lessons. That's the most recommended internet instructor. I like Marty (guitarjamz) too. He's a lot of fun. There's many excellent(and free) lessons on the net. Check them all out. You can learn a little bit from everyone. If you do a search of easy beginner songs on youtube, you can find a ton of songs to practice on. Bad moon Rising and Brown eyed Girl were 2 of the first songs I learned and then Sister Golden Hair which is more of an intermediate song because it has a lot of barre chords but it gave me a challenge to meet.
Thanks dude, so helpful. I actually learned brown eyed girl as my second song without realizing you had aswell. It's easy to play and good for the C chord which is the only one still giving me a bit of trouble.
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Thanks dude, so helpful. I actually learned brown eyed girl as my second song without realizing you had aswell. It's easy to play and good for the C chord which is the only one still giving me a bit of trouble.
You two do know you have to learn the intro chords for that song, don't you? Otherwise it just won't sound like, "Brown Eyed Girl".

If you want to learn chord progressions, "Alfred's Music", (and ostensibly many others), have books toward that end.

The "key" there, (pun intended), is that the progressions are linked to the major and minor keys of the chords involved, so you're getting a bit of theory subliminally as you play.

So, G, Bm, Em, C, D, G would be in the key of?