I manage to get my hands on a beautifull 1969 Framus Caravelle guitar. I got it very cheap (50USD with original case and all certificates glued inside body of guitar!) and plan to restore it to fully functional state (it plays nice even now, with over 20 yars old strings that are even not intonated propperly !) - and all problems it has are a bit corroded screws, silver color on tremolo bridge is scratched, volume knob has some problems with contact if you rotate it too hard, and there is no tremolo arm (seller bought it before 30 years in some pawn shop - it was already without arm ).

I can fix anything except getting and installing tremolo arm - guitar has vintage Framus Bigsby tremolo and now I don't know where to find original arm and how to put it there...

Fully functional tremolo and guitar looks like on this picture (actually it is not 100% the same - Bigsby on mine is a bit different):


I attached pictures that shows how Bigsby without arm looks on my Framus.

Instead of arm, there is screw that keeps spring attached to the body of tremolo. I am totally new in Bigsby tremolos and have no clue what and how to set arm there, what arm I can use, where to start at all!

Any help would be appreciated.