I am new to the guitar. I have however learned to fingerpick basic songs!

This is a Hawaiian song I am obsessed with learning!

Although I found this tab

However the tab is slightly of which has been bugging me so much! I can't fix it. It is only of by a few notes but I can't fix it.

I am begging someone to look at it. Its super easy and short but I am not quite there with translating notes yet unfortunately. I have tried everything so please let me know if you can help.

Merry christmas and Happy holidays everyone!
I will try and do this for you on Monday...ok...
I have done a few of Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwoʻole = BRUDDAH IZ songs
If you are familiar with him..if not, look him up...

After it is done I will post the link to it here...ok

Hope I understand the words good enough
So I know where to put the chords exactly... I'll figure it out..ok
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Thank you so so much!! The hard part is it is notes as its fingerpicking! Chords I am slowly figuring out!!. You don't know how much this means to me!!! I love Bruddah Iz!!! I don't know how to translate this tabs into guitar tabs though as they are for the Uke!!

Merry christmas Don!! You made my christmas
Here you go...I hope I did it justice...I also hope I placed the chords over the right words for you as I did the best I could for that.... MERRY CHRISTMAS And ENJOY!!!!



If you think there is something wrong please let me know and I will correct it..but I believe it is all correct as it stands..
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Thank you so much!!!! Do you have a fingerpicking version? i love the chords!! I am going to play it tonight!!
Basically he is just picking at the chords I have.... I am sorry as I really don't know how to explain fingerpicking or strum patterns, etc. to someone.... Basically I just do it ...I guess I have my own style when it comes to that as I was and still am self taught.... I just figured a way that works for me... The way I learned was to just put on the song and tried to keep up with it... Eventually it just came to me... I know that isn't the greatest advice but it is the best I can give... The only other thing I can let you know is that this song sounds good basically just strumming the chords slowly from the low e string to the high e string... Just once on each chord... His voice is the true instrument here... The guitar is just background noise....
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Thank you so so much Don! Yes I am very new to my guitar. I will try it out!! Thanks again!
Also, just try imitating what you see and don't be afraid to experiment with moving your picking fingers ... That is what I did...also, if you really want to their are videos out on you tube that demonstrate different types of picking styles... I watched them when they first came out a long long long long time ago but to me I was always more comfortable doing it my way... To me that is always the best... Do it the way that feels the most comfortable to you... Same as playing a song... Play it the way you feel it and as long as you please yourself playing that is all that really matters