I think it's a classical guitar. If you're talking about model though, I can't say exactly, but I can definitely rule out T66ACE. I have a T66ACE electric acoustic and it looks nothing like that. Sorry I can't be of any more help.
I've looked around a bit and couldn't find anything, it's definitely not a classical guitar though.
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Any idea what the black guitar is?

It is a steel string acoustic, there's nothing, 'classical' about it.

I tried tracking the headstock logo for quite a while last night to no avail.

I can say I'm pretty sure it's not a Martin, Guild, Yamaha, Taylor, or Takamine.

Unless somebody here recognizes that logo, you're going to have to do a web search, brand by brand, for headstock images
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Composite Acoustics "Legacy"
Yeah, "Composite Acoustics", was way, way down, on my list of logos to google... In fact, to tell the truth, it wasn't on my list at all....

So, good catch.
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I think, it is a acoustic guitar
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