I want to buy an effect for my electric guitar (godin detour) but I don't know what kind of effect I need. I preferably want to play black metal, post-black metal, death metal and folk/viking metal. At the moment I have 2 distortion pedals. Both from Boss. I was thinking about a Delay, Chorus or Flanger but I really don't know what to get. So has anyone overhere suggestions or tips? Please tell me what kind of effect I need.

Ps: excuse me for my bad English but I'm a 14 years old boy from The Netherlands. I hope you understand what I mean in the message.
You don't really need any specific effects to play any of those genres. A delay might be useful for Post-Black Metal though.
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"what kind of effect do I need?"

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Let me tell you this... A used Boss GT10 will run you about $250US. It contains damn near every Boss stomp box, plus many kinds of amp modelers, tuner, EQ options, volume and wah pedal, and can plug into your computer. It also has a damn good acoustic simulator which might come in handy for the folk/Viking stuff and has some amazing clean tones. Many people will snub their noses at multi effects units, but when it comes down to getting the most bang for your buck, you really can't get any better.