I have been working pretty much all week on a solo and I think I am going about it in completely the wrong way. For all my effort I am still no wiser. Feel like I should leave it until I have a lesson but I really wanted to get it down.

Do you ever have days like that? It's really disappointing but I guess that is life?
Start slow, work your way up to normal tempo

EDIT: My bad I'm not sure whether you're talkign about writing a solo or playing an existing solo
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Sometimes you just have to set it aside and come back to it. If something is just way beyond me, I'll practice something else for awhile and then revisit it in the next day or two. When I get really frustrated, I start to hammer out stuff I'm good at for awhile to boost my confidence back up.
Some solos take me weeks or months to really play well, relaxed, and fluid. I am a slow learner but eventually I will get there with proper doses of determination. If I am hitting a wall I will just set it aside for a few days. When I come back it seems easier.
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Put the guitar down.

Honestly, take a break.

The subconscious continues to work while you're not actively engaged in practicing or learning, and sometimes all it takes is time instead of effort.
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