Hey guys, I've got myself one of these Sansamp Bass DI pedals and I've noticed it has an XLR socket on the out. Does that mean I can plug it into a powered wedge and save me getting an entire new set up? I mean I could always mic up a powered wedge right?

If that's the case, what are some good powered wedges to look into? I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to this stuff.
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You'll never want to mike up a powered wedge. That makes pretty much NO sense if you already have a DI. Just run direct into the PA and have them give you a monitor.

If you're playing bass, however, you'll want more than a powered wedge (most wedges don't do very well with the low stuff). Nonetheless, check into the Carvin PM15A. Under $300, with a 15" speaker as the LF driver and a 400W power amp built in. If you get a bit better off, Carvin has an 18" powered subwoofer to go with it (under $500) with, I dunno, a 700W amp built in (you need LOTS of power for bass). The pair of those will more than do you <G>.
If you can get your hands on one, find either a Bass Pod XT (bean, Live or Pro) or a Pod X3. The former might be as low as $80, the latter closer to $100. Some great bass amp/cab/FX models in those things, and I prefer them to the Sansamp (which is a very good piece of kit nonetheless).