I've basically inherited an old guitar my uncle built, but I'm pretty clueless with acoustics and whether or not the build quality is any good. I have no idea what it's made of or anything. Anyone able to help me out? To me it sounds great other than desperately needing a restring. More than anything I'm interested if anyone can identify what wood is used for the fretboard and body.


It looks decent, but with acoustic guitars the real teller is the bracing on the inside of the guitar.

The real question is how does it play and sound? If you like it, I'd rock it out
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I'm no expert, but the body looks like mahogany. The fretboard, no idea. Also, it looks pretty decent overall, restring it and give it a try. I'd bet it's a good sounding guitar. If anything, someone you know built it, so that by itself has a certain value.
If all it needs to sound good is a restring then spend the 6 dollars to restring it and have a ****ing cool sounding guitar! If it sounds and plays good then what else does a person need?
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