I've filled my BOSS DR-880 Bass/Drum machine's memory to capacity with 13 MIDI Files that I made using Guitar Pro Software. These are bass/drum backing tracks. Does anybody know if I can use a tablet to import/export my DR-880's data (MIDI FILES & GUITAR FX I've written) so I can get another 13 files ready to put into use. I do it all the time with a PC, but for live gigs/jams a tablet would be more practical. Also; a recommendation for an inexpensive tablet to handle this task would also be appreciated. For any information sent my way, in return I'll share any information I've learned about making bass/drum MIDI files with Guitar Pro software for MIDI use or share some of the MIDI files I've made for my own use on my BOSS DR-880. I don't sing, I just play guitar & play instrumentals. I find the BOSS DR-880 an excellent device for guitar players. It's only short fall is lack of memory capacity. E-mail me direct at tklakeside@gmail.com with any information that may help. THANKS!