Open blinds, lines of light;
the smoke moves through them.
It's summer, somewhere; Australia, I think.
Won't they mail me something green?

Because I live in the most frigid hemisphere.

Of course I can leave,
I've never missed anything worth getting.
But it will all deform;
someplace between the good soil and the seeds,
it's just so much I want to keep from wilting.

I will live in the most frigid hemisphere.

And I'll stay some place so dry.
I'll keep far away from life.
All together, ghosts and lepers:
never shall we die.
We're only strays.
I can see the idea behind his and I like it, but I think it struggles from some pacing and the loss of the original voice. It starts off as musings, it seems, and I'd really think this would benefit from having that voice all the way through.