Hey dudes, I got me a question.

So, I play guitar in a 3 piece pop punk/punk rock band. I have a question regarding pickups and which guitar to put them in.

So, I have two guitars, a Squier Cyclone (made in Indonesia) and a Yamaha 112M (made in Korea). Currently, I have a Seymour Duncan Invader in my Yamaha 112M (bridge position), and I recently took out the Seymour Duncan JB in my Cyclone and sold it, so the Cyclone is essentially pick-up less.

I've been meaning to buy a Seymour Duncan TB-11 for my trembucker-spaced Cyclone, cos according to numerous reviews and forums, its got a pronounced mid-range, which is apparently recommended for 3 piece bands when you dont have enough guitars to fill the sonic spectrum.

However, what's interesting is that the TB11/SH11 is recommended especially for guitars with a maple neck, and my Cyclone has a rosewood neck. My Yamaha 112M has a maple neck, however.

I'm wondering if I should instead swap my Invader to the Cyclone and get an SH11 for the Yamaha instead. Invader on a rosewood neck might be cool, might yield some of the warmth from an otherwise insane pickup. And the SH11 might enhance the tonal aspects of the Yamaha, of which the whole guitar, body and neck and such is made of maple. The Cyclone is made of Alder if I'm not mistaken.

What do you guys think? Anyone have experience/good instincts when it comes to pickup config.? I don't need a pickup to shred/solo/do crazy things, I just need something that can do both saturated gain, yet retain clarity. My sound is bright, yet punchy.

Thank you for your help, really appreciate it. Going crazy trying to figure this one out.
try the tone charts of seymour duncan or dimarzio and see what works best. Maple fretboards do make a difference sure but the good thing is if you buy new and don't like the pickup from seymour duncan and buy it from a shop you got a 21 day exchange to swap it. The only time they refuse them is if you damage the pickup.

different picks can provide you with different sounds like I used Dunlop gator 1.5mm picks which had more bass and a thicker sound.. where as aluminum picks by dunlop or the john petrucci ones I got totally different sounds. That is suggestion 1 as it's affordable is different pick materials.

suggestion 2 that is affordable is different string materials. Brands come and go. But pure nickel is darker and warmer , stainless steel, titanium and so forth all offer different sounds exist. For more mids though what do you guys think? dunlop heavycore. It seems like it to me. It's a weird string gauge but works nicely

good luck finding the right pickup
The invader is a pretty shitty pick-up for what most people will want out of one, the Custom/Custom is a pretty good pickup for most styles.
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The Duncan Designed Detonator sounds much better to me than the Invader and I've owned both kept the Detonater swapped the Invader for a Pearly Gates.
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Hey Thank Dudes!

Really appreciate the input.

I went ahead and did the swap. Put the Invader in my Cyclone and bought a
Custom Custom for my Yamaha Pacifica.

Both sound super awesome now, really glad with the results. The Custom Custom
is voiced a bit differently, so I use different settings for it on my amp and pedal
(Bass:4, Treble:8, Mids:8) whilst for the Invader, I use (Bass:4, Treble: 6, Mids:6).

The Cyclone is now a beast, it sounds really boomy whilst also retaining the highs. had to adjust the pickup height a bit. The Custom Custom sounds really crunchy, like it'll cut
through any mix. Really happy with the results.

Thank you all, have a great end to 2014, hope ya'll are having a great time wherever ya'll