So a couple of days ago I went to the music shop that stocks boss to try the AC-3 which I did not particularly like as in 30 minutes I got a nice sound but nothing that fancy. While I was there I decided to try the Boss CS-3. Within 5 minutes I got a really nice sound and I realized that I need a compressor.

I used to play with a distorted sound so a compressor was never that useful as the distortion gave me a natural compression to the sound. But lately I've been playing a lot of clean stuff with my new band so a compressor may be useful. Today I went to another shop and tried the MXR Dynacomp and I loved it. Then I asked for the MXR custom comp but they said it is 150% of the dynacomp price and I would have to wait for 3 months to get it.

So I would like to know what do you think of the CS-3 and dynacomp. Also, do you think that the custom comp is actually that better than the dynacomp or is it almost the same?
I don't really like either.
I don't really like compressors in guitar pedals in general really.

The dynacomp I tried didn't impress me at all, and I've never tried a CS-3 myself but the ones I've hear in music shops with other people trying them sounded better to me.
It's a hell of a subjective matter though.

If you're on the cheap, I'd go for the DOD comp reissue, and if you have enough money and want a really natural and gentle compression get an FMR RNC or RNLA.
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A friend of mine is an amateur pedal builder, and he gave me one of his, which was switchable between Ross and Dynacomp - the two circuits are very similar. I greatly preferred the warmer tone of the Ross switching. I currently have four compressors, a two knob Behringer, two BYOc models (Opticomp and 5-knob) and a Boss LMB-3. Overall my favourite is the Boss LMB-3, because it has what I see as sensible controls - compression ratio and threshold. The enhance control is also good for adding some life to a dull humbucker. The BYOC 5-knob is a Dynacomp type with tone and mix controls, and I like it well enough, but I still prefer the others, even the very cheap Behringer.
I have a Biyang co-8 compressor I really dig, its quiet, mellow, yet effective. I traded for mine but I think they're pretty cheap. I like it much better than the noisy as hell Boss compressor I had before it.
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I did really like the dynacomp, when playing a strat through a clean frender HRD. Today I also tried the tube compressor by EHX but its not what I am looking for.
About half the gigs I play are places where I have to play clean and quiet so use a compressor not only to control the volume but to keep the punch and attack in the signal at low volumes. I have a Dynacomp and it works well and I also have the cheap Behringer that also works well but lately I have been using an Alesis Nano compressor. I bought this about 20 years ago and forgot I even had it. It's small and sits on top of my amp and I just set it and leave it on. I only use as much compression as I need to keep my signal strong even when I play softer. I don't know if Alesis even makes these anymore.

As for the Behringer compressors I actually have two. The DC9 is a Dynacomp clone but it sucks the tone from your signal. I bought it sight unseen and after about 10 minutes I put it in my box of pedals that I don't use any longer. The CS400 is pretty good and is less expensive. It doesn't radically changed the tone. You can always update to a more boutique pedal but to get going you might try one.
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those are classics. i really like the pigtronix philosphers tone.

if you want a "no frills" simple one, i love my fairfield circuitry accountant compressor. 1 knob and some mini toggle switches. its a real simple option 1, option 2, option 3 kinda deal. technically the 2 dip switches have 3 settings, making a lot of combos. but really, you will find 2-3 tones you like and i basically have "quick presets" on it. when i want more squish, flip da switch. done. i love it for that reason.
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To me the script dyna comp sounded nice. If you go used, the Keeley 2-knob compressor is a great comp too.

EDIT: Used to own script dyna, currently own the keeley 2 knob.
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im addicted to my dynacomp , its an always on thing for me.
i play finger style and it realy helps kinda tighten up everything i play
I tried the dynacomp and loved it. They hand no custom comp in stock and I would like to see if it is an improvement over the traditional dynacomp. I liked the tone change and character of the dynacomp, if custom comp is too transparent I may go for the dynacomp.