I've basically inherited an old guitar my uncle built, but I'm pretty clueless with acoustics and whether or not the build quality is any good. I have no idea what it's made of or anything. Anyone able to help me out? To me it sounds great other than desperately needing a restring. More than anything I'm interested if anyone can identify what wood is used for the fretboard and body.


Looks like your uncle was a skilled luthier who knew what he was doing! That's a nice-looking instrument. The proof of the pudding is the sound, of course.

Before you throw a new set of strings on it, have the guy at the shop put a mike (micrometer) on them to see what the gauge is. Buy the same.
Well, I'm guessing the back might be maple. As soon as you string it up, you should know. Maple has quite a distinct sound. It's hard, bright, and reflective
The neck looks to be mahogany, sort of the standard for acoustics, in fact most guitars.

The fret board appears to be rosewood, again fairly typical. The only other typical fret board wood would be ebony, which it is not.

The top I don't know whether to say spruce or cedar. This because the color balance in the photos is a tad too warm for an absolute ID. The top is showing a rather course grain pattern with heavy contrast. It doesn't quite look like Sitka spruce. If the guitar is old enough, it might be red spruce.

The side wood I can't tell, but it looks like your uncle was going for a mix and match of tonalities.

You might try putting up some more photos of the sides, and particularly a shot head on into the sound hole. I'm seeing sort of an odd cross grain in the back halves joining strip. I'd like to see the grain in the back wood(s) proper.
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