Hi guys,

I am some what, a bit above a beginner in terms of playing guitar. I can play basic chords/ bare chords and hammer on's. I wouldn't exactly call myself am intermediate.

Anyways, due to uni starting soon, I won't be able to dedicate enough time to the guitar as much I would like. So, I was wondering if anyone knew any songs that I could learn which will contain techniques that I need to learn an which by practising these songs, will give me the skills I need. I know np one song will incorporate all the techniques needed but a variety of 3 or 4 songs which contain all the techniques and stuff, I need to learn.

By techniques, I mean stuff other than just down strums. I just want to. Learn all the skills needed in order to advance my level of playing. Songs that will challenge and make me become a better player. I hope I managed to explain myself, clearly.

Hahaha, there's probably at least a thousand songs that fit that description. I'd just do a search on youtube of easy beginner songs and pick the one's you like. Guitarjamz, justinguitar and guitarmadeez are good places to look but there are many more.
Look to the Zeppelin, Beatles, acoustic stuff. I like the Ryan Adams and Jayhawks stuff also.
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"Hide your love away" by the Beatles.

"learning to Fly" - Tom Petty

"America" - by Simon and Garfunkel can be very technical depending on how far down teh rabbit hole you want to go.

"Pinball Wizard" = Who doesn't like pinball wizard?