i want to play modern and thrash metal, and i already have a blackstar ht, it can kind of do it but not the best for it. It's great for blues to early metal however.

How much more gain do the diavlos series have compared to blackstar ht series, i want to get it for heavier tones that the blackstar can't get.

Can the diavlo nail the ride the lightnining and puppets tone?
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have you tried putting an od pedal in front as a boost? that's a handy thing to try, and doesn't cost too much (plus you can use the od pedal with your new amp if it doesn't do enough with your current amp, too).
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Heavyness doesn't have much to do with the quantity of gain available on tap, it's more of a matter of tone stack design and power amp design and gain structure.

The diavlo's will be better than the blackstar's for sure for them tones.

None of them will really give you the exact tones from MoP and I don't really know about RtL.
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The Randall Diavlo isn't going to sound like those albums, period. I've tried and I can get in the ball park but no way in hell is it going to sound like a 3,000 dollar rig. Personally, I use mine to get close to Metallica tones and other thrashy stuff, but mine gets most of it's use for Black Metal. The reverb helps with that.
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It'd be better.

Never could get a metal sound id like out my HT5 i had. Used high gain pickups/10 band EQ/OD the lot.
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