Hey guys,I recently found out about these guitars and I would like to know more about them and your opinions on them. I know that they are pretty cheap so I'm suspicious about their quality. For example,here are the specs of their XL5 LP model:

body asian poplar

high glossy finish in black

bolt-on neck, maple

rosewood fretboard

dot inlays

classical tailpiece and bridge

"Westone" truss rod cover

24.75" scale, 22 frets

2 x Wilkinson® Humbucker, uncovered

3 way toggle switch

1 x volume control

1 x tone control

chrome hardware

metal-clad machine heads
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Only way to know quality for sure is to play it. I mean fret buzz can be fixed. electronics can be re-soldered and so forth. My neighbor is a big vintage guitar fan as he grew up in the 60s and so we always have a fun chat as I'm still in my 20s about guitar stuff.. anyways.. he made a good point he said that think of it this way. In the end it's a piece of wood, you get a guitar tech good enough they can make anything play good.
Westone was an ok lower end brand in the 80s. not sure if you are talking about a new guitar that has that brand name or an older one.
I have an '82 Westone Rainbow I from the Matsumoku factory, a 335 knockoff that is at least as well made as the equivalent Gibson from that same period. The only weaknesses I have found are the flimsy tailipiece and the pickups. It is also very dark sounding.

However, it looks like the one you are talking about is a modern MIC version, which I doubt has any relationship to the originals except the name.
@Tallwood13 Yeah,you're right,I guess I'll go and try it out.

@monwobobbo I think it's a newer one.

@Tony Done So,is that a bad thing?
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@Tallwood13 Yeah,you're right,I guess I'll go and try it out.

@monwobobbo I think it's a newer one.

@Tony Done So,is that a bad thing?

Chinese made guitars have nothing in common with the Japanese made original line of guitars from the 80s. most are considered poor to fair copy guitars.
Oh,but I think that this model is from German line of Westones if I'm not wrong. Or was it XR5?
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Oh,but I think that this model is from German line of Westones if I'm not wrong. Or was it XR5?

not german made. westone as far as I can tell are currently Chinese made and just using the name. no connection to the old company. honestly aster doing a bit of research I can't even find a new westone. perhaps a link to the one you are talking about would help.
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ok basic strat copy. might be ok if dirt cheap but I wouldn't count on it being great. since there is like 0 buzz to be found about these I'd pass (unless once again dirt cheap).
pass on it. no amazing specs or anything, and no solid references, IMO look elsewhere
Just like every other aspect of playing guitars, a comfortable neck is subjective... A lot of people hate Les Pauls because they find their neck to uncomfortable especially up in soloing land where as I quite like them. For me I cant stand Strats, they feel like a baseball bat in MY hands but in your hands a Strat might be perfect. Get out and try some guitars out. And just remember as time goes by your preferences will change.
Westone, back in the 80's, made some decent affordable guitars probably on par with Aria Pro II, I can remember back in the 80's and early 90's MIJ guitars were not something most people were proud of or bragging about, I remember wishing my MIJ Charvel and Jacksons were USA built but I couldn't afford them.

In hind sight Japan was producing some pretty stellar instruments and most people recognize that now. I have 5 MIJ Jacksons and all are extremely well crafted.

I knew a couple of people who had Westones back then and they were decent, in fact my buddy just recently picked up an 80's Westone from a flea market for cheap and doubled his money selling it on eBay or Craigslist, it was a great playing axe, but I wouldn't expect too much from a newer one.
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I heard old Westones are good but since then 3 companies or something like that has made them after original company went under. I have only experience with very low end chinese LP copy and frankly its a piece of shit. I bought one and Epiphone LP Junior to my nieces a year ago and Lp Junior was a superior guitar. (Which honestly was quite surprising. The junior is really nice)

But mind you, this was the very low end costing bit over 100€. Still Epi proved to be much better for same money.

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