Hi Guys,

I'm just a beginner and I'm not sure how to play the Tabs here on UG of the song Flashlight by The Front Bottoms. I have to play only two strings okay but how do I mute the other strings? It always sounds wrong how I play them I watched a few videos of covers
Cover One
Cover 2

But it just doesn't sound right so how do I play these tabs? I hope anyone can help a newbie out because I really love this song!
Thank you
The tabs for the intro are correct with the two strings used..however, I personally hate when they do that for the rest of a song especially when the guy is clearly strumming when they are singing...

I'd much rather them put the chords and then let me decide how many of the strings I wish to use then...

Maybe this will help.. Here are the 4 main chords used for the song...
This is some of the progression to the main part:
F#m E D A .... Then F#m E A

Later in the song a B is used as well...
Those are the main chords....

Try playing them when doing the song and I believe that will help... Unfortunately, all the tabs submitted are written basically the same..there are no CHORD tabs for this song .a..all strictly tab
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