Hi guys, I'm jake, im looking to start an online instrumental band, Id love to do stuff like cacophony. What I need, another kickass guitarist (Please dont interpret this as me saying im a god or anything, im just a dude with a guitar haha) and maybe a drummer or a bassist. Being able to compose in guitar pro is a HUGE plus, and of course being able to record in good quality is important (If you are good at mixing, that's a plus too, I can make a mix, but I am not that great at mixing)
So guys, hit me up if this is something you'd be interested in, ill attach some links of my playing below!

Either respond on here, message me (even though the messages on here dont seem to work too consistently anymore), or look me up on facebook (BUT MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK IF YOU ADD ME!!! Otherwise i might not accept).

And if you are reading this and you happen to need a session guitar player (BUT dont want to do an online shred band), im always open to do some session work. My rates for such are very reasonable and negotiable. Im able to play blues, rock, jazz, metal, etc. Dont be afraid to ask!!!
Anyways guys, hopefully some of you are interested in starting a project like this!!! Lemme know!


Jake Popowski