I recently scored a used DBX 1074 for my guitar and bass rig, but I'm not really digging it; I'm finding it a bit lacking in transparency and am not enjoying the maximum of 3 seconds before the gate hits when I hit a note and want it to ring out (never had that issue with a Boss NS-2). Might be because I got it used on ebay, but I dunno, it's just not happening for me.

I'm trying to economize on floor space and therefore avoid pedals, which is why I went to a rack unit. Now that the DBX isn't really my cup of tea (and I don't use the 4 channels, could probably even get away with using one or two), I've cottoned onto the MXR and ISP rack mount systems.

Does anyone have experience with both? Never used the Decimator or Smart Gate pedals, but I know each has their own fans (also saw Fluff go from bagging the Smart Gate to raving about it on Youtube recently). Any advantages of the ProRack G over the regular ProRack? I like that the MXR comes with a footswitch if I want to use one, but what do you guys think?