So I got a Schecter Damien Elite 6 not long ago and I noticed while playing that when push the neck forward, even if I'm not holding the body, it causes the strings to go slightly flat. What could be the issue here? I really don't like the idea of having to hold my guitar in ONE position without it not sounding right.
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Are the neck screws tightened down to the body? If they're not, tighten them.

If they are tight, and you're bending the neck forwards or backwards, which makes it go a bit out of tune until you release it and it goes back in tune again, that's totally normal. All guitars do that to a degree as wood does have some degree of flexibility.
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Jake E. Lee of Ozzy Osbourne fame used to apply vibrato by bending the neck of his hardtail Strat.

Guitar necks and neck joints are really not that stable and the tuning can shift slightly depending on how you hold the guitar. If you're recording, an experienced engineer/producer who's thorough will tell you to tune the guitar in the position you will be playing it in. It doesn't take much to shift the pitch enough for a recording to be out of tune. Live is another matter entirely - it's just the nature of the instruments to never be perfectly in tune. Fretted instruments are just a broad appromixation intonation-wise anyway.

It doesn't take much to shift the pitch on a Strat or Tele if you push on the headstock while holding the guitar in a firm grip. Common sense applied and it's quite sensible to conclude that it can't be good for the guitar to stress the joint more than necessary though, so I cringe when I see someone bend the neck of their guitar for vibrato. Sooner or later something will break.

However, there's a limit when the guitar should be considered faulty. Bolting on a neck is a science in itself, and there are many tricks out there to make it set better. I would have someone look at it to see if there's a problem you should be worried about. (It shouldn't really be noticeable to you if you're just playing normally.) Good luck.
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Yep, as was said, this is completely normal, regardless of the type of neck joint, etc.
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As others have said, this is normal if you push hard on the neck. Slash used to do this until he did it too many times on a guitar with a flaw in the wood, snapped the neck, got hit in the head, and ended up in a hospital. If this happens when you’re just playing normally you probably need to tighten the bolts.
In the past I bended my old Epi SG's neck a lot to do Black Sabbath-sounding doomy whole-chord vibratos, not sure if you should do that too much though, stopped doing that. That had a set neck btw.