**I feel I should mention first that I'm not all that familiar with this style of music, so my opinion may not be as valid as someone more versed in your style**

I definitely like the track. Everything flows really well and nothing sounded out of place. You mixed it very well too. Nothing seemed too loud or too soft. In my opinion, it's a good track. Also, thanks for the feedback on my track!
Despite the fact I'm also not so familiar with this genre of music, I still like it.
It sounds very balanced. All the sounds blend very well and nothing stands out too much.
The only negative remark I can think off is that it's perhaps a bit repetitive.
But overall a realy nice track.
Keep up the good work !
Immediately impressed by the quality of this production- often synth music can sound cheesy or tacky to me, but this sounds smooth and warm.
Moving steadily but inexorably through a moody ride between light and shadow, the consonant minor key harmonies gently simmer over with an tempered tension that continually piques the ear. A slight strangeness keeps one stimulated, while the hints at familiarity suggest a poignant emotional pregnancy, that although never resolved, satisfies by it's continual renewal and variation.
Gently profound, subtly regal, enigmatically evocative, this is poetry in motion.
Technically the arrangement and engineering are excellent, with a perfect balance of tones and instruments, and a musical development of themes and ideas.
Kind of trippy, but with an earthy weight that stops it from slipping away. A most cleverly conceived and created composition.

For something different, please review this psychedelic song.
Like this a lot, including the repetitive feel!
Would be perfect as a background score for a movie!
You've got some great, full-sounding vibes right off the bat. The first drum beat is a little stock, and could probably be a little more interesting, but the rest sounds great. I like the following section, where the drums go double-time; however, I think a little bit strong of a kick drum could help keep the beat moving.

I like this; you manage to keep the track interesting with your frequent changes. The whole track has a great kinda-chill, kinda-tense vibe to it.

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