Recently I started recording my own composition using reaper DAW and amplitube! But when i record I get lots of noise like my hands sliding on the strings, noise of my palm moving over strings during sweeping(how can I possibly mute without using my palm) etc. Even though I use inbuilt amplitube noise gate the noise is persistent when playing multi string tapping sections etc. When sweeping my hand movements on the strings are also recorded. I Dont know whats wrong! I don't own audio interface.i plug in my guitar directly via line in. Please help me!
Thank you
You might be hitting strings while playing? I usually wrap something around the headstock of the guitar to help cancel out any extra noise made, like a bandana or something. I used to have a real bad problem with that during my recordings until I could learn to play more precisely.
It's like i use my palm to mute the strings when I sweep pick! But as i move my palm over the strings to mute the next strings all that noise is recorded.

Ps. I tie a cleaning cloth around the strings when recording stuff!
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1 - If you can hear it on a recording, you'll be able to hear it through your amp when you're playing. If it's overpowering the sound of your guitar, you need to work on your technique.

2 - You will get a far better quality of sound by buying an interface. The method you're using is not recommended, and has been known to damage the input on your PC. Read the Intro to Recording sticky to get recommendations on what you should be using.
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All those lessons led me to believe i had to use my palm to mute the lower strings. Now if I don't rest my palm on the string won't they ring out?