Im looking for a gibson styled neck, like the ones on the Warmoth website in the UK because i cant find anywhere in the UK to sell these styled necks only fender styled stat necks. Any help on where i could find a good neck supplier in the UK would be appreciated.
ebay has some really nice copies. Fretting isn't going to be perfect but they have the open book headstock. Some have the 9.14mm holes for the headstock, others 10mm holes.

mahogany neck / rosewood fretboards / inlays it depends on who you go with
bone nuts if memory servos me right
forget the neck shape, D or U
it's ready to be bolted on or glued for set neck as there is no holes drilled
they are about 75 us dollars with free shipping.

my personal favorites have the rosewood veneer for the headstocks.
Yeah thanks i will have a look on ebay and i've thought about paying the import fees and will if I cant find one elsewhere.