I have been looking at the G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top for a while now, and always wanted to try a G&L guitar. I don't have anywhere close to where I live, to try one out. It looks like Musician's Friend is running a pretty good deal on these, at $399.
It looks like they normally run from $299 to $599, depending on color and particular sale.

Do you think that this is a good guitar for $399? I know that I have seen lower prices, in the past, but cannot remember if it was for this particular color or the others. Thanks.
It's absolutely worth that price, and more. G&L Tributes are criminally underrated.
Go for it, without reservation. I think the Tributes are among the best made guitars available new in that price range.
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Thanks everyone. Everything I read says how great these are. I really wish I could try one in person, especially since there aren't that many good YouTube clips reviewing them. Getting harder to not pull the trigger on this.
One of the best blind guitar purchases I have ever made.
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