So I'm trying to find a way to have a clean boost while only using the dirty channel. Since I have no fx loop and some amps I use don't have them either, my LPB-1 serves to tighten up the singnal, which does a a great job. Now I've tried an od pedal after that with level at max and gain at 0 but it still adds more gain. Is there any way to get a clean boost without putting the booster in the fx loop (since I need it to tighten up the signal)?
Firstly, the LPB-1 doesn't seem be able to boast its clean boost capabilities.

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"An exact recreation of the original LPB-1 circuit that ushered in the age of overdrive in 1968. Put the LPB-1 in line with any effect to provide boost and definition. Improve the gain and saturation of your amp."

You will somewhat get a volume boost from it, but compared to actual clean boosts, it can't do much.

If your amp is on clean/light OD, try making your chain like this: Guitar > OD pedal > LPB-1 > Amp
One of the cleanest boosts available is an mxr mc401. I can vouch for it; 100 new, but you could get one used between 60 and 80. Now when you say "a clean boost" do you want a volume boost? Because using boosts of any sort in front of an already dirty amp doesn't do much to increase the volume unless you run the gain on your amp really low.
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I use high gain settings and I want a pure volume boost, like the LPB-1 does when put it the fx loop.
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Quote by lukcuturic97
I use high gain settings and I want a pure volume boost, like the LPB-1 does when put it the fx loop.

So just put it in the FX loop?... Or buy another to use before the amp and one in the loop.

My rec: I have the Hotone Liftup Clean Boost which works marvelously. Compact and cheap. Next level up is the TC Mini Spark Booster.
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Did somebody say clean boost?

Get a z-vex super hard on and run 18v through it.
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The answer is really no. You can't put a boost in front of the amp if you are trying to increase the volume. All you are doing is overloading the preamp and overdriving your signal.

That said, it does create a cool overdriven sound that I do like for some situations, but it doesn't really increase the volume (maybe a little). That would be done in the FX loop.
you cant really.

if the preamp is driven, then even a clean boost drives teh signal harder and will continue to saturate the preamp = more gain.

if you take a crunch amp and run a clean boost to teh max you can take the amp into metal territory without adding more volume. thats basically what your describing correct?

you are first hand experiencing the concept of HEADROOM. amps with really high headroom, like high wattage, high gain metal amps, are built with headroom in mind, or high wattage old school non master volume amps. the polar opposite is most small wattage lower gain amp.

now, just because i said high gain amps, im not taking about cranking the channel gain. onbiously you are saturating it. but many high gain amps have sooooo much more on tap. even level 2-3 on the gain is a lot. but they have the HEADROOM for more. see what i mean?

take a low wattage amp, like a classic amp (like my old egnater tweaker, which i would call a good "classic rock amp), to get a hard rock sound, the gain had to be UP. over about 5-6 on the gain was a "crunchy tone" but any more and the amp started buzzing, sqealing, any boosts in front of it made it really un happy. i had to back down the gain a bit. it simply wasnt made to run that much gain. it didnt have the HEADROOM.

im ranting here. its because im on the pot and i have nothing to do. long story short:

not really. you need to run it in the loop. if you dont have a loop, perhaps change the way you are running your master / channel volumes to run your amp a bit cleaner, and then push it. give yourself more HEADROOM.

same thing with power tubes. higher wattage power sections have ability to be driven harder without breaking up. they have more headroom. big old high output tubes like kt88s have more headroom than little el-84s.
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