I just submitted my very first lesson, and I'm disappointed that I couldn't find a way to preview it before hitting submit. I thought maybe after hitting the submit button, I would be able to review how it looks and edit it, just like you can do with tabs in a queue. Turns out this isn't the case. I submitted it and it went into a queue without me even being able to see how it looks.

I read the "Article HTML guide" that is in this forum and I'm a web designer myself so I am quite familiar with how HTML works, but I've noticed that certain things are stripped out on UG. I've had to play around with my profile quite a bit because of this, so I'm assuming my lesson is going to look goofy too.

I notice the description of the "UG Contribution" forum says to post lessons here first. If I were to post it here next time, would it show me a reasonable preview?