For this mod we're using resistors. They are very cheap to buy and easy to work with since they are not polarized (have to be a certain way). On ebay they are 2-3$ for a ton of them that will last the average player a lifetime.

the inspiration for this mod is HSS fenders or Jacksons with passive pickups. You always have to either have a 500k volume or a 250k for everything and it started as a what if I could but I ended up really liking the freedom.

to get out of this mod
*humbuckers tend to have 500k volume pots as we know
*single coils tend to have 250k volume pots
as some of us know by lowering the volume of our guitar we are lowering the resistance giving us a darker tone so we're not going to talk about darkness at all. It's something all our guitars can do without any mods.

resistors come in just about any resistance we want, resistors are in everything electronic so they are affordable. Me personally I use 1/4 watt 5% tolerance resistors. Resistance is everything in what you go with, either it'll make or break a good tone. This mod is easily removed or installed.

Ok how do I work with them
solder one half of the resistor to where your pickup is soldered on the selector
the other half on the volume ground
and you're done

if you buy just one resistor type you can get 3 sounds out of it. With 1/4 watt 5% tolerance resistors here's what you get
the regular tone - say 100k
in series - 100k + 100k divided by 4 = 25k
in parallel - 100k + 100k = 200k

start and finish in the same locations. So like two of them starting at hot lead and finishing at ground. You always get double the resistance. So 1000k and 1000k would always be 2m.

think about it like you're soldering one wire to another. You start at hot lead for this mod like always, but you solder the other resistor to it half way to ground. You get 25% of the resistance with these resistors doing this mod.
(hot lead) --------*-------- (ground)
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Take the tone cap out of the guitar and you will brighten up the sound and still have the sweep of the tone knob
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