Not a bad first attempt! I like the song, but without vocals it sounds a bit repetitive. Also, your timing is not perfect.

When it comes to production, a few ideas: You could get a much fatter sound by double tracking the guitars - do two identical takes and pan them left and right. Bass needs to be more audible, preferably with a 'grittier' sound. Also, I think it would have more groove if the bass would work more closely with the kick drum. I prefer to think of the kick drum and the bass as one unit. And the guitars need to be on time as well, of course.

On a side note: I would have loved to slow this down A LOT, and use a lower tuning on the guitar. Those riffs would doom!

Feel free to comment on my work:
Suffer the Consequence - Atheos
Hey guys, thanks a mil for the feedback. The track definitely needs some work so I appreciate what you're saying especially around the production pieces. I need to find a vocalist or learn to sing quickly enough, thanks again!