Hi, I just joined a few days ago, I am a beginner, but I have seen some tabs I like, however, some others only contain the chords on the first verse. Is there an editor that I can use to put the chords on the remaining verses? I also have bought the full mobile app and that seems to have no editing capabilities also.

Many thanks,

Hi Andy, you are not able to edit other user's tabs until you reach a level 4 status as a contributor. People of this status are chosen by the mods and have at least 10 high quality contributions. Let me know what you are trying to edit and I will see if I can help.
Hi Carrie, many thanks for the explanation. I use Chordie.com and with that you can create your own songbook and actually modify a private copy of other songs. It is very useful, but the only trouble is that chordie.com does not have a mobile app, so it's only good for a PC / laptop. I have other methods I can use and bring it into another app, so I will get by. I just thought this may work like the chordie.com one does. Thanks again for the offer and the explanation.