I love this little amp but the speaker in the cab is terrible when pushed. It breaks up very early. The cab itself is pretty crappy so upgrading the speaker to me isn't worth it. does anyone run the LNT through a different cab? Also would I be able to achieve metal(ish) tones with an OD pedal? The amp is pretty gainy but a little bright for my taste. Or would I be better off with a different amp altogether for metal tones?
It's a sweet lil amp, imo, but its certainly not worth the price new. If you're looking for a decent tube amp, there are much better options for the cost of a new Lil Night Train. Such as a used 15w Night Train, which actually will work well for you, everywherever. Hell, you could get a used AC15 for the cost of a new Lil Night Train. I'd recommend you make a "what amp?" thread with your budget, what you play, location, home or gigging, mother's maiden name, other gear, bra size ifapplicable, used or new, etc. UG'll tell you what amp to get or give you ideas that may work well for you.
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yeah the 15w night train would be a solid upgrade, but IIRC you lose the headphone output. Not sure whether or not thats important to you. Either way, a better cab would benefit greatly. I've played the lil night train through a 4x12 and it sounded great lol, but keeping things reasonable, i think any v30 loaded 1x12 (or similar) would be a solid move upgrade. Also, try clipping the bright cap in the lil night train. I like my amps bright but clipping that made things a lot nicer. IIRC it was c19 but you should probably check that. Also some better tubes help A LOT in that particular amp. But yeah upgrade the cab first and if you're still not happy you could certainly move up to the 15w night train and keep the cab.
The Egnater Tweaker 112 cab is cheap and the G12H30 in it should work to tame that brightness nicely. I'm not sure a V30 would be a good choice.
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