Just getting started, bit eerie so far, although the tone of synths isn't necessarily. Can't help thinking in the first 1:15 there could have been a different lead synth sound that better suited what's behind it. Getting more eerie in this next section which I dig. Really like the piano that jumped in. And the big synth at 2:15, though the rest of the track kind of dropped out behind it. Guess we're transitioning again. The piano going on around 2:50 is a little stiff. The feel of the track has kind of changed now with this section. Solid layering going on with the organ and synths. Ominous piano chord to end it was nice. I felt like I was moving through a scene throughout the first 2 minutes but the last section didn't have as much motion to me. I'm guessing I. Humdrum goes up until ~1:15, then II. Premonition until ~2:27 and the rest is III. Aftermath. If that's the case, I find it interesting how you chose to weight each part, especially given the title. The middle section (as I drew it up, which may differ from how you did) is my favorite, and though it's the title section of the piece, it only takes up 1/4 of the song. Anyway, don't want to look too deeply into it because it is a chill track, these were just some thoughts kicking around while I had it playing.

If you'd like to review any of my music, I just put up a couple of tracks here:
A theatrical, melodramatic opening on the organ with shades of diminished anxiety segues into a strange new world of sci-fi weirdness. Further changes turn this piece into a clever fantasia that deftly links disparate but congruously related themes. The prominent organ sounds give a feel between darkly operatic and progressively rocking. The plaintive piano provides a refreshing emotiveness and openness to these aloof proceedings.
Perhaps this composition would benefit from the addition of drums and bass to consummate its fullest potential, but still it shows a clear vision and strong musicianship. The production sounds slightly cursory - I would be interested to hear how this artist would sound with a more thorough approach. There's clearly much talent here, and an original approach and unique mix of influences too.

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Starting off, I am definitely getting a sic-fi vibe from the lead synths. The rhythm synth in the intro is really nice. Gentle, but still packs a punch. The second lead gives a very similar vibe to the first and reinforces the sonic motif I think you are going for. I like the combination of the piano and the bass synth, it pits raw against refined in a really interesting way. I would consider exploring that a bit more as that bass synth does not make another appearance and I was hoping it would. I think there might be a slight timing issue around 3:18 possibly? Not exactly sure what I am hearing. All in all I think it is a very interesting track, and I think you nailed the ambient feel you were going for.

Here's the link to my post, looking forward to hearing what you think!