Hey, I've saved some money to buy my first electric guitar and need some advice. Right now I'm looking at a Squier Stratocaster and Epiphone Les Paul. I'm into bands like Sonic Youth, Pixies, etc. but also classics like Hendrix, Clapton, and Neil Young. The Les Paul sounds a bit heavier/hard rock sounding so I'm leaning towards the strat. In addition, I've been looking at the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar, Jazzmaster, and Mustang because they seem to fit a lot my musical taste. Are these offset guitars to complex for a beginner? Let me know which of all of these you would recommend? Also, I have been playing an acoustic guitar for a couple years so I'm not completely new to the instrument. Thanks
This is the advice I give to my older (beginner) students and parents of my younger students: Buy a used Fender/Squire Strat or Epi Les Paul. The guitar should stay in tune (This is the most important thing for a first guitar). Any practice amp will do. Once the student learns how chords are supposed to sound and how to finger notes and pick/strum with the pick-hand, then he/she can worry about tone. I always advise to stay away from "Jumpstart," packages. These will normally have tuning issues. And finally, stay away from off-brand instrument, unless they have a good reputation. Usually the parents will look online and ask me about the instrument they are looking at. So far, my students are in tune, and happy.

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you could also consider an HSS strat or maybe a yamaha pacifica 1112. that way you have (sort of) the best of both worlds.

EDIT: I've never actually tried any offsets. LOL.
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I'd say it's a matter of preference.I'm sure any of those will be better than the crap i learned on in the early 90's.
If you can get your hands on both you want to hold both sitting and standing. If you know simple chords strum each and listen to which you like best. And lastly if you can't tell the difference get the one that you think is the best looking. It sounds stupid but when you like the way it looks you spend more time playing it. When you first start out you don't know what you don't know so don't worry to much between the 2 you are looking at. When you first start out you will be bad and sound horrible so it really doesn't matter what you play that is why you want to get something comfortable to play, so you practice more.
I just got the epiphone les Paul jr its nice.i play it every day.but get the strat and get a les Paul down the road.check your local pawn shops those squire strats are cheap. And I have a 10 watt frontman fender amp its nice brand new for 60 bucks
I've played both older models of each of those guitars. I myself prefered the epi over the strat. to me the epiphone felt alot better in my hands than the squire strat. If you are able to try both of them out i would advise you to do that. It's hard to say which is actually better, and since it is your first guitar, you should get one that feels right to you, not one we think is better
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I'd guess a Vintage Modified Squier would be pretty sweet if you wanted a Fender type guitar. If you wanted an LP type guitar, check out the Agile AL series.
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