I recently got an Agile Hornet 8. It looks ridiculous and plays like a dream and I love it, aside from the fact that it buzzes like beehive full of circular saws on crack, even on a clean channel. I didn't notice at first because I was playing it through a noise suppressor, but recently I tried to play it at a gig through someone else's gear and the hum was unmanageable.

The hum goes away when I touch a metal part of the guitar, which I know is fairly normal. But the horrifying volume of this hum, and the fact that it goes away when I roll off the tone knob seems unusual to me. For the record, the way the guitar is set up is weird too. It has a dedicated volume pot for each pickup, but a master tone pot.

So in my mind there are a few possibilities. One, something's up with the tone pot. Two, somethings up with the pickups, and I'll have a hard time telling which without taking it apart. Three, the pickups are just cuhrazy hot, rolling off the tone knob just cuts the buzz because it's a high frequency, and I'll have to play with a noise gate forever.

Any thoughts? If I can fix the issue permanently rather than just treat the symptoms with a noise gate, I'd like to.
good choice with agile.

the strings aren't properly grounded. Check for a loose connection. This is one of the easiest soldering repairs you'll ever do so if you got a soldering iron do it yourself.

the technical answer is..
the bridge must be grounded , this way the strings get grounded properly.

on a floyd rose or tuneomatic for example there is two studs that adjust the string height, they make grounding the guitar super easy. You attach a wire to one of them, then feed it into the control cavity of the guitar and ground it anywhere. Say the back of the volume pot.

afterwards problem solved. If the problem presists the input jack was soldered backwards where the ground (sleeve) and hot lead were wired backwards. I did this on a Mexican fender recently and ended up taking the pickguard off for nothing.
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It's not the tone pot. As you said, rolling it down filters out the noise because it is mostly high-frequency.

If the noise is reduced when you touch the strings, that means the strings are, in fact, grounded (otherwise touching them would do nothing).

Regardless of how hot the pickups are, there shouldn't be an insane pevel of noise. It sounds like either the the output jack is wired backwards (it's not an input jack ) or you have a bad connection in the ground side of the wiring.