Planet Progression:
Some nice synth sounds going on. Elements in the song introduced well, phrasing into the chorus and other parts flow nicely. Vocals are quite nice, not too sure on the melody in some parts if I'm honest. lyrics are spot on as well. Solid overall production. Guitar fits in well in the chorus.

If You Now Want:
Pretty psychedelic production. Bass line has been composed well, it also cuts through the mix well. I think the vocals are slightly too overpowering in this song, and sort of drown out the other elements. Nice lead guitar tone in this song, sounds legit when the wah part happens after the solo. Overall an interesting and creative piece.
Very British sounding! You're from the UK, so that makes sense. Some T-Rex and Bowie in there. I usually reduce my vocals a bit because I can't sing. I like the overall sound, but would increase the mids and highs slightly for a clearer sound. But that may be my cheap computer sound system suggesting that more than how it sounds in your mix and your end. I think you're one of the most prolific on this site... tons of songs and all with a slightly different flavor.
@aaron aardvark: Hey man, I decided to review Planet Progression, I've been listening to electronic/ambient stuff lately.

I think I agree with the vocals being a bit loud, but I also think the percussion could be a bit louder, it has the "snappy" highs though. The twangy sounding guitars are nice and the I really like the Bass synth. The intro was probably the most interesting part of the track, so maybe try using those sequenced synths in the latter parts of the track as well. I think the vocals could use a little compression, the verse might be too sporadic because of this. Nice job otherwise.
Awesome work dude!

I like 'Planet Progression', it is very relaxing. 'How could it be' on the other hand is a great rock track. Though I feel the solo could be shorter with a bit less wah.

Keep it up!
Planet Progression: Drums a little buried when the vocals come in. Really liked the percussion in the intro so I was expecting the track to be more percussive I guess. I dig the breakdown at 1:15, drums a bit more prominent there. Makes for a solid ending when it comes back a minute later too. I like that I can listen to this track and not be able to put my finger on something else that it sounds just like. Influences could be identified for certain pieces, but when all put together, the result is fresh (which is probably part of your goal so well done).

If You Want Now: First impression with this track is also that I'd probably mix it a bit differently. Good tone in the solo, like the wah. Not wild about the wide panned echos on the vocals or guitar solo but they do fit the style. They're less distracting on the guitar solo parts because they're quieter but on the vocals, even the echos are louder than most everything else in the mix it seems. When the guitar came in, it was prominently featured toward the front and even that feels a little small behind the vocals. The drums basically arent even a consideration, though it seems pretty clear you're not intending them to be a feature so this may not be all too concerning. I like that this song sounds quite a bit different than the first, but still unquestionably you.

I've got a couple songs up if you want to take a look
Love planet progression. Just a unique, refreshing song. Especially like the beginning, an array of interesting sounds creates a cool atmosphere. The vocals stand out (in a positive way), but as someone already said could use some compression. Cool synths and guitar sounds just blend in with all the other sounds. Would be nice to hear the drums/percussion pop out a little more. Would definitely make this song longer though, maybe a longer 'chorus' part at the end?

If you now want: pretty chilled rock track. Good guitar work and nice solo, but I'd definitely not put as much effects on the vocals. You seem to have a really good voice, would be cool to hear it cleaner, or maybe mix it up a bit with sometimes cleaner vocals and sometimes layered with effects like echo etc. Once again I'd probably like the drums to be more prominent in the mix. Altogether nice work though, I'll definitely check out some of your other songs!

Got a sound cloud?

Also, C4C if you don't mind?
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Thank you for the comments, I appreciate it! I actually live near Los Angeles, but I'll take it as a compliment if you think I sound British. I actually have compression on the vocals on both songs; not to say the vocals couldn't have more consistent volume. It maybe I have so much stereo delay on the vocals, that is burying the drums. Pink Floyd is one of my favorites, so I'll take it as a compliment if you think my vocals sound like Roger Waters (sometimes he uses tons of delay on his vocals, and that has been an influence on me). I usually spend about 40 hours of total time per song, and after that I'm ready to start another song, and getting tired of working on the same song with limited returns. I know most people use soundcloud now, but I currently prefer soundclick at this time; so I'm not on soundcloud yet. I prefer a song to be too short than drag on too long.
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Planet Progression was pretty good, I liked the synth stuff you did and the general atmosphere of the song. The percussion could definitely have sat a little higher in the mix, especially in the verses. I liked the sort of unorthodox and unexpected vocal melody in the verse, but without a strong presence from the percussion to drive things along, it kind of felt like the song completely shifted when both verses came in. I think my favorite part of this one was the bass synth bit after the first chorus and at the end of the song, nicely done.

If Now You Want was probably my more preferred of the two tracks. Musically I don't really have much to offer for criticism, it was a solid track. I absolutely loved that wah tone you used for the lead guitar. The only thing I'd really say about this one is that the delay on the vocals needs to be dialed back a little bit. Some delay is great for the sound the track is going for, but as it is now all the echoes kind of muddle together and start to drown everything else out. Also, as with Planet Progression, the percussion could be a little more prominent. Good stuff overall, keep it up!
Hey aaron!

Planet Progression - love the beat to it, but it feels like the bass is too loud sometimes. The melody and the voice are complementing eachother perfectly. You do something at 1:15 till 1:25 and I absolutely love that sound. How did you make it?
If you Now Want - it starts with a really cool riff, but as soon as the drums kick in it looses that feel. I think you should try to work on the drums a little bit more. And the voice is incredibly loud. The guitar is really awesome especially when it's time for the solo.
madbasslover & andreicristian,
Thank you for your replies, I appreciate it! For "Planet Progression", on the vocal-like synth between 1:15 til 1:25 is a patch from Arturia Minimoog-V (later re-named Arturia Mini-V) that I did some tweaks on. On that synth plug-in, it has a "vocal filter" that can be used to make that synth sound quite vocal. I also added some Cubase Ping Pong delay to that.
Really a lot of interesting stuff going on musically in both songs. Apart from (as said before) the vocals being a little too loud in 'If now you want', it's really neat. Keep it up!
Awesome stuff! Sounds unique, keep at it man
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I enjoyed the song called Planet Progression, has a sweet beat, but for me personally I am not keen on the vocals but don't get me wrong I can see people liking them as it does suit the music and the more you listen the more you get used to it, if you know what I mean... But yeah man I think you've got good structure and a good balance of energy!
Thanks for the review!

First thing I notice in Planet progression is that the production is realllly good, but then when the vocals come in it sounds kinda.... crowded I'm not really sure how to explain it, like the mix sounded really big and wide before then and then everything feels like its coming from the middle of the mix. I really dig the quiet bits though, and the weird synth voice type thing.

It's already been said, but the vocals are really quite overpowering in the 2nd song (slightly in the 1st song too). The guitar tones on the 2nd song are good, and the solo is crazy I love it haha. I think the drum sound could be improved too, they sound pretty weak, particularly the snare.

Planet progression was my favourite of the 2, keep the tunes coming man would like to hear some more chilled out stuff from you
Hey man,

Planet Progression reminded me a bit of Radio Gaga by Queen at first haha. Its weird, but it works. The vocals suit the song very well.The song itself is perfectly good, and I guess because its pretty short you wont be having any screaming solos or long trippy instrumental sections so as a short song its pretty good.

If You Now Want is interesting. The vocals are a little overpowering, and in the verses the words almost get lost in the effects. If that's what you were going for then okay, fair enough, but I would give that a look. The soloing is very classic, works perfectly well.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1666905
Thanks for the review of my track.
I listened on "If You Now Want" and I quite like it.
The guitar solo was cool beans. The vocals are cutting a bit deep with the highs adn the drums sound a bit to MIDI but the overall psychadelic British sound was nice. Nice composition.
The style of the vocals isn't really to my liking, but that's not to say they aren't well done. The music sounds very well composed. I especially like the beginning of Planet Progression. Very unique and interesting sounding stuff throughout. Well done.
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Hey aaron! I've listened to planet progression and if you now want and have to say that both are very well composed. I don't think that the voice is to loud, it fits really good with the style of music you are doing. I can hear defenitly some Pink Floyd and Bowie in this songs. In If you now want I like the extensive use of the wah in the solo, it makes it fit well in the context of the song. The synths in planet progression are also a stand out! Thanks for your review on my post.
Thanks for reviewing my song! I'm not well versed in the style you're going for, but I think you're doing it well. Bowie almost immediately came to mind after the vocals started. The compositions are solid and the parts are played well.
At times the drums sounded a bit subdued, but they could still be heard during those times (again, I'm not too familiar with the style you're playing, so that might be exactly what you wanted for those parts).
Overall, I like what you're doing!
"Planet progression"is a cool, funky song. I enjoyed the percussion loop in the beginning. The vocoder part was a surprise and it made me smile.

"If you want now" - Nice use of delay in the vocals. Bass works nicely as well. Great guitar playing. This might be my favorite track from you yet!