So I'm changing my pickups for the first time. On the volume pot all the ground wires are twisted together and soldered on in one big blob of solder. My soldering iron has not been able to do anything to it besides make a few tiny dints in it. It desoldered the pickup selector wires fine, but this won't melt. I've tried cleaning my iron and that doesn't help, and also putting some new solder on top (Read this on another forum). The blob also isnt clean and shiny like the rest of them.

Please help!
(also merry Christmas)
whats the wattage of your soldering iron
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Sounds like your iron isn't getting hot enough.
Try a larger tip on the iron, or getting a better iron.

Also, in addition to what you read elsewhere (which is correct BTW), leave a blob of solder on your iron.

Ground wires and ground planes tend to act as heat sinks, so larger tips or more wattage/heat is often required when dealing with them.

Other than that, your only other option is to cut the wires.