So, what happened is, im fed up with my pedalboard. Its cumbersome to carry around, powering the thing is a pain in the ass and the patch cables keep craping out on me for some reson. On top of that, i dont have a reverb yet, as well as no eq that i want.

Now i found someone selling a digitech rp1000 for 190€, and i can probably get that down a bit. Im wondering if this would be good for me? I play mainly metal, and i dont run many effects at one time. For cleans i would like to have a reverb and maybe eq on. For leads i want a delay and overdrive. Maybe an eq in the loop to cranck the volume a bit and a wah just for the hell of it. And i usually have a noise gate on to minimize hum and feedback while not playing. I dont need amp emulation, since i like the tone of my jet city a lot. Im mainly wondering if this board can do overdrives good, or if i should stick with my bad monkey even if i get it? I also dont know if i can route some effects in a single patch into the effects loop and other in front of the amp? And how is the quality of effects on it?

I in my current pedalboard i have a polytune, crybaby, digitech hardwire delay, a bad monkey and a boss ns-2. I run a few of the pedals of a power supply that i bought, but it turned out that it doesnt have enough juice to power the delay, or even all the other pedals at the same time, so im just runing the bad monkey and the ns-2 of it, the others are either powered by batteris or by a random 9v adapter that i can find. It also takes up a bunch of space, and the rp100 just looks much more handy.

Thoughts on this?
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Running the bad monkey on battery would be better since it does not need much current, the delay will be eating batteries alot since its a digital delay unless you use it sparingly & in true bypass mode.

Anyways, what you have is good stuff. The rp1000 is good, the effects do sound alright, it comes with amp & stomp box loop, so you can use some of your pedals with it too, the stomp loop is pre position & the amp loop is post position. The mqnual will have a diagram showing the order & placement, just download it to see it. The order of the effects is fixed unlike the newer zoom mfx, boss gts & pod hd500. One more unit to look into is the zoom ms70cdr or ms100bt(if you ha e an iphone), it can cover your eq, reverb needs in a single stomp size box although sitxhing patches is tricky with a single footswitch