I ordered this brand new from the Axe Palace. I've owned tons of Suhr, Fender, etc, including some built for endorsers, and to be embarrassingly honest, this G&L is right up there with them.

I had never played many G&Ls before this and took a little bit of a gamble. Originally I was looking for an olympic white strat with a maple neck and fretboard, but ended up ordering this because the orange is just too awesome Nick @ the Axe Palace was very helpful with choosing specs. When I was talking to him to place my order, it was 11:30PM, and I imagine I delayed him leaving the store a bit!

Originally, I planned to put a BKP Black Dog humbucker & 2 Slow Hand single coils in, but I'm really happy with the stock pickups. The single coils don't sound too squeaky, which I love.

I ordered this in October sometime and just got it today btw, so their turnaround is really fast.

Overall, I am very pleased given what I paid and the end result. If you order a CS G&L, I don't think you would be disappointed.

Want to Buy:

beautiful !! ... love the color and the color combo , I have come so close to ordering that color before .... I been gassing hard at a Legacy HB too !! .... I would probably get a saddle lock bridge since we use a couple different tunings
That Legacy looks magical. Great color! Enjoy that DFV, best strat-style trem I've used.
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Not disappointed.
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HNGD, that's a gorgeous piece.
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