I'm currently in the market for a new guitar. I've been playing for 10 years, and I'm at the level where I can learn most songs I attempt to play, provided the guitar solo isn't anything too challenging. I've been playing with a knockoff les paul made by jay turser, and its in need of some work and I'd rather just buy a new guitar than trying to keep a low quality guitar in good condition. I play mostly classic rock, 80s rock and newer alternative stuff. I'm looking for a guitar setup that can mimic the sound of Slash pretty accurately, most notably his sound on appetite for destruction album and his GnR years. He's by far my favorite guitarist and with my previous equipment I could never get a sound quite like what I wanted. I'm only in the market for a guitar right now but I intend to pick up a new amp and some pedals in the future, any suggestions on the guitar or other gear would be really appreciated. I'm not looking for his sound to copy him and try to pass it off in my own music or anything btw, I just play for fun.

Also, I'm a bit of a gearhead when it comes to equipment, so I have ideas in mind, I'm just looking to see if anybody has anything they personally have tried that is worth sharing. Pickup setups, tuning specifics, anything that might help. Thanks!