So I live in a crowded house atm and am pretty self-conscious of my vocals (like any singer just starting out) but I've been writing songs on guitar with lyrics for years and have figured that it's easier to just learn and sing myself then find a talented singer.

So I recorded myself singing (rather quietly so nobody could hear) into my Shure SM57 microphone, into a steinberg USB interface into sequel LE 2. I didn't add any effects except a stereo width equalizer? (or something like that lol)


i did about 5-6 songs. first one is the 1st verse of "the bends" by radiohead, rest is my own material.

Please give me brutally honest criticism on everything. Also, keep in mind most of my songs are loud, queens of the stone age/jimi hendrix/radiohead/zeppelin style guitar and drums, do you think my voice would work on such song styles? I recorded them on acoustic for this just for the sake of being quiet and doing a test.

I appreciate all criticism/feedback. Thankyou!
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I have no idea if your voice would work with the styles you mentioned and I'm willing to bet that no well else could know either. You need to record something in the same ball park for that.

Right now you sound like a flat Jack Johnson. By flat, I don't necessarily mean the note, you just lack any type of conviction or give me a reason to keep listening. This is totally a by product of quiet, self-conscious singing. I guarantee that if you work up some confidence these would sound much better.

As for your base tonality? It's pleasing but would be more so if you sang with some confidence. So go forth and conquer! Stop being a wimp! Take either one of the previous statements, depending upon if you need a kick in the ass or a pat on the back. hahah, enjoy it man, singing is fun.
I'm not going to even listen after finding out you're not doing exactly what you intend to do in the end. Either do it and hell with people or get a place you can do it privately and not be intimidated. Then I might listen...
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