Did anyone try this wah with guitar ? is it good ? is the Q pot usefull with it ?

Have a chance to get it cheap, but no chance for trial

Tnx in advance
Do you want a wah that sounds good with your guitar, or is this something you wanted to buy and were wondering if it would work with your guitar?
i wanned a auto switch on off wah, but this one is the only available for now, at least. My question is does it work good with guitar
I haven't tried it with a guitar myself, so I couldn't answer that. However, I know with a standard crybaby you can turn it into a bass wah just by changing one capacitor; you might be able to change a cap in the 105Q and make it into a standard guitar wah.

As far as the Q pot goes: I put one on my crybaby, and (for me anyway) it's mostly a set and forget type thing.
The 95Q Crybaby and the Ibanez Weeping Demon have the auto return function as well, but you'll never get them as cheap as a 105Q. From what I have heard and understand that 105Q is less a wah and more of a variable envelope filter. Brent Hinds of Mastodon uses a 105Q with his guitar and I thought it sounded great live, although admittedly very different from a standard wah, but I can't find a studio mic'd sample.

I've been looking for a 105Q for myself so if you don't buy it PM me your source for it and I'll buy it lol.
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I got one exactly for this purpose a few weeks ago. I was inspired by HIM's guitarists tone (Linde) so YouTube some of his live solos to get a good idea of how it sounds.
Overall it sounds good and very aggressive. I have both knobs maxed and it sounds nice. You only really got a real wah from about 70-100% pushed forward, but the heel position up until that point makes some nice 'wtf?' Bassy sounds. I basically just use that as an entirely seperate effect. I use as an alternative to pick scrapes, and on slides.
As a wah though its hard to master, but definitely sounds huge!
Let me know if you have any questions!