Hi there.

Decided to part ways with my bogner alchemist 40 Watt head. The great thing about this head is that is can go down to half power at 20 watts for less volume at smaller gigs or for bedroom levels.

The amp works great, and I really DO like the tone I get from it, but I am looking to fund a new project for a custom build guitar so I need the cash.

Now, there are some people that say this amp get do metal tones... In my experience, this is just plain bullshit. There is a general misconception that because the alchemist doesn't do metal excellently, that it doesn't do metal at all...

Again, nothing but ignorance.

The amp gets killer clean tones for jazz, blues, and country, and also has some of the best classic rock tones I've ever heard, but what most people don't know is that if you mess around with the EQ for a bit on the mercury (lead) channel, that you can get some damn good grind and crunch!!!

Then again, I play with an overdrive in the front end with the tone and volume maxed out...

The amp has a boost feature, and onboard delay and reverb that sounds great. Clean and crunch tones on channel one, with a bright and deep switch.

Channel two is the lead channel. Shit tons of gain and has a mid shift, punch switch, and bright switch. Effects loop in the back. Great amp...

Here is a video of some of the tones you can expect outta this beast... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezyn-cPFnCg

Asking for $550 shipped. Email me for pictures of the amp and footswitch, and you shall receive!!!