I recently acquired an Ibanez Rg7620 with this combo, and to me they sound incredibly bass heavy and inarticulate on the low B and E strings, and essentially unusable for drop a. My other 7s have actives, and I have no complaints with those, but they are also longer scale lengths than the Ibanez. Can anyone recommend a passive pickup that can crisp up the low end of a 25.5 scale 7? I've tried tons of different string gauges, with no difference in tone, currently using .010 .013 .017 .030 .042 .054 .064. Thanks.
Turn the crunch lab around, see if it does anything.
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Maybe a wiring problem?
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I've put a 6 string set of the same pickups in an Ibanez RG a few years back, and I found the tone to be pretty much the same as the stock infinite pickups. Not the improvement I was hoping for. Although I'm pretty amateur at soldering so that could've been a factor.

here's a good vid to check out if you're interested in seymour duncan
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I used to be terrible at soldering and honestly if you don't get a cold solder connection where the pickups sound half on or whatever you did a good job. So it's just not the right pickup for the guitar. I tell guys to avoid signature pickups. Takes more than a set of pickups to get Johns tone. You'd be amazed how much the dimarzio liquifire and crunchlab combo comes up on a ton of ibanez guitars on my craigslist.

my pickup suggestion is simple. The D-Activator set. It's like your EMG 707s you've probably got but no battery required. yes they're passive. John 5 is an excellent example of them. I'm sure lots of other big names use them.

for your guitar if it does have 707 EMG pickups though. The regular kind 18 volt mod them and you'll get more head room, less compression and volume.

some out of the box suggestions
try to find the right dream theater tone you like the best. Some sites document this really well. One friend went with a tonezone bridge, true velvet (middle) and a evolution neck. I despise the evolution myself.

cheapest suggestion, try different string and pick materials as they contribute to a good tone too. So many just blame the pickups of a guitar.
pure nickel - warmer/darker
stainless steel / steel - brighter - but they wear the frets down faster
cobalt - louder
elixirs and other coated strings have never wowed me. Everyone to their own though. I've tried everything at least once the 10 years I've played.

regular D'Addario 10-60 7 string set , you might have to make a custom string gauge out of steel strings to see what you like. If not the GHS Boomer set perhaps like Rusty Cooley uses. His tones are far from muddy from my recollection. I'm using Dunlop myself. But at the end of the day it's a 4-6$ investment so not much to throw away if we hate a pack.

wiring suggestion 1
too muddy though try adjusting the pickup height or adding a capacitor to filter out some of the output giving you a clearer tone. I do this all the time to guitars

wiring suggestion 2
For more clarity or tightness if that's the issue in any guitar though I tell guys to try the fender greasebucket mod. I have this on a stock BC Rich pickup which is hotter than a crunchlab and love this mod. It replaces a regular tone knob you just need to get your hands on a 0.1uf capacitor for the tone and a 4.7k resistor. Premier guitar did an excellent article on it. It's a great mod for metal guitars, fender was onto something cool. If you never use the regular tone knob try this. If you do use the tone knob try the Fender TBX mod. I'm no fender fan boy but their electronics department I have respect for.
premier guitars article

how to do it to an Ibanez RG. This mod works for passive pickups best.

hope I could help
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