is there a point where you run out? or can you learn an almost infinite amount of songs, solos and riffs as long as you go back to the tabs for a refresher?

at what point did you need to go back for a refresher for some of the songs you've learned?

i guess if you can play a solo, riff in your head and if you are competent enough you should be able to remember how to play it?

i know about 10 full songs but sometimes i have to go back to the tabs to refresh it.

i know like 100+ songs but haven't gotten around learning them from start to end lol.
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If it's something obscure that I don't play frequently, then the details start to fade quite quickly, for me. But that doesn't worry me. I like learning new stuff as frequently as possible ... to see new approaches folk take.

cheers, Jerry
I've learned a LOT of songs in the time I've been playing (started in 05) and I've forgotten a lot. Some very simple songs like Proud Mary, Suzy Q, etc. that I learned back when I was just starting I can play instantly even after years of not playing them, but most of the songs I learned when I went through my Metallica, Megadeth, etc. phase would take me a little time to figure out again. There are even songs and riffs that I learned or wrote a year or less ago that I just played a few times that I would have a really hard time remembering or might not remember at all.

I know I've forgotten way more than I remember, but it's simply a lack of repetition. I think the number of songs in memory could be almost limitless as long as I kept coming back to them and playing them occasionally.
I tend to just learn the main bits then improvise. I don't really see the point of learning a song note for note like the record. Unless you're trying to really get it down for a cover band or something. Anyone can learn a song note for note, and there's really no fun in doing it IMO.

As soon as you know all the basic open chords i'm pretty sure you can play 1000's of songs. If you think about it how main songs use basic chords, and strumming patterns? If you're talking about solos I know plenty of them, but playing the same solo over, and over again tends to get bland. I feel as if once you learn a song it'll always be there because it's seeped into your subconscious. All you really have to do is familiarize yourself with what you learned and you're good to go.
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I agree with devils... it's tough for me to feel motivated to learn a WHOLE song. When i'm listening to music, and i hear something that touches me, i'll want to learn to do just that one part. There is rarely an ENTIRE song where all the notes and chords and progressions of the two make me want to learn the WHOLE thing. Then I play it often enough that it sticks with me to the rest of my improvisation.