I have my maxon OD and an ISP noise gate to power. I like a simple setup with my Marshall but I need to power both pedals. I could get a voodoo power supply but it would set me back a lot for just powering 2 pedals. Is it worth it or could I get by with a daisy chain? If the sound is going to be highly effected then I might have to go with a power supply.
It would be fine with a daisy chain. Use some electrical tape on the ends of the ones you aren't using.
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9V batteries or the voodoo power supply would give you the best sound because they're isolated. Personally, though, I imagine the difference wouldn't be that drastic (or worth the money for the voodoo), so maybe something like what Jordan N said.
Ya, daisy chain. Then go to the hardware store and buy some 1/4'' thread protectors to put over the unused plugs. Mine are black. They look like they were dip molded not injection molded. The colors change by ID size but at my Ace black are 1/4'' and fit nice and snug over the 3.5mm plug.
One-Spots come with lil nubbins to put on any unused plug. They're only bout $30 for the spiffy kit that comes with any other needed accessories. It's a great buy, imo. My pedal collection is getting to big for a One-Spot so I've been kinda looking out for a power source with isolated jacks, but it has served me well for I think about a decade now. Just don't try to power a looper with it.
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1spots are the way to go around home. when i gig i run my BBE supacharger or if i am using a different board on a different rig.
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I'd daisy chain it, I run 5 pedals and sometimes a wah off a Boss PSA w/ daisy chain and they're fine. Two pedals wouldn't be a drama. I'm guessing you're looking at the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power supply, I would get one when you have more pedals. Personally I would be all over one if I didn't spend all my money on pedals