p1So yesterday I changed my guitar strings . I had 9s and now I have 10s .After changing my strings there was a buzzing sound to all of the strings except the high E when i played them open or at 1-5 frets.Can you please help me? What causes the buzzing noise?I've heard that by changing string gauge from thicker to thinner causes buzz but i changed them from 9s to 10s...What adjustments do i have to do in order to stop buzzing?

I tried adjusting lthe truss rod but still nothing
Squier Bullet Strat Guitar
easy answer. Some trussrod adjustments aren't instant be patient and wait for the results. How long well I guess it depends on the guitar. Any suggestions others?

As we know for those who are new to guitar.
by changing string gauges (sizes) you have to re-adjust the trussrod. To adjust the trussrod there is all kinds of excellent videos on youtube. This is totally normal to happen. By going up in gauges the neck is going a different way then down in gauges.

Pretty much the technical yet "dumbed down" explanation is that the 10-46 set the squier has now has to pull a different amount of weight to get the same speed out of each string to reach the note we want. So because of that the neck "bows" in a different way. In experience loosening the trussrod is instant results but tightening isn't.

the trussrod inside the guitar neck fixes this issue. See a youtube video on it and see if you're ok with doing so if not this is a great time to get a "setup" done. It's only been winter for a little while. Climate change and string gauge changes cause buzz. So regardless you'll have to learn to master the trussrod one way or another. Hope this video helps. Just remember don't over turn the trussrod, that and most importantly use the proper allen key.

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Well, I really overturned the truss rod :/ without knowing that i shouldn't. Will anything go wrong? :/ I'll try turning it a quarter.Hopefully i haven't destroyed my guitar :/...